A clear path to life without chronic pain. 

Online pain recovery coaching, delivered by registered health professionals. From the co-founder of Tame the Beast

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Listen to our patients tell their stories of recovery from pain.


“You train your brain and it’s more powerful than any opioid you could take. You need to see that light at the end of the tunnel and make a b-line for it.”


“I just had to work through with the pain - training was the only medicine that would help… I’ve been running a lot now, playing soccer again, kicking goals, I’m the fastest on the team.”


“It’s such a huge journey in such a short amount of time. I genuinely never ever thought I would be doing the things that I’m doing and I never thought that they would be pain free.”

We have simplified the science into a pathway. No pills, no operations, and for many people - no more pain.


Permission to Move is a six week pain treatment program that has been tested by pain scientists. Our Australian team of expert, registered health professionals provide one-on-one coaching to help you move beyond pain and live the life you want.


  • Persistent sports injuries

  • Low back & neck pain

  • Whiplash associated disorder (WAD)

  • Headache, including migraine

  • Arthritis & joint pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Inflammatory diseases

  • Chronic pain 

  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) 

  • Nerve pain & sciatica


Physiotherapy  |  Exercise Physiology  |  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  |   Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Empowering through coaching

We approach pain treatment with coaching. The more you learn, the more you can help yourself. We work with you to achieve early positive change that inspires you to expand your sense of what is possible, and strive for more.

Science & results speak for themselves

We’re led by science. We’re trusted by the industry. We’re constantly encouraged by results. In fact, around 72% of our clients achieve an outcome that is better than they expected. We continue to partner with leading pain researchers to test our ideas, because we know we can always improve.

Personal recovery plan

Design a plan that will work for you. Everything is considered so that it fits into your lifestyle and your recovery. Permission to Move is not a cookie cutter approach – you are at the heart of every decision. 

Every day we help people like you recover from injury and move past pain. Here's how.

Online course


One-time Payment ($AUD)

  • Access 24/7 at home, work, or on the go

  • View the course on desktop, mobile or tablet

  • Each session includes multimedia learning tools and downloads for offline education

  • 6 weeks of guided treatment following best-practice chronic pain guidelines

  • Interactive quizzes that provide real-time feedback on your learning progress

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Online course + individual coaching (6x video consults)


One-time Payment ($AUD)

  • Online coaching worldwide
  • 1x 60min initial consult and 5x 45min follow-up consults with a PTM Recovery Coach 
  • Full use of the Permission to Move online course

  • Coaching sessions scheduled over 6-12 weeks

  • Claim on Private Health in Australia
  • Single click, secure online appointments
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Caristia's story

Everyday stories of recovery, like this one from Caristia, help others to gain hope that recovery is possible. 

Read on and learn about Caristia's important insights that helped her to overcome more than 20 years of back pain! 

“I was stunned - I really didn’t think something could make such a huge difference.”

Caristia's story

Why we made this course


There is a massive human cost of chronic pain and we need to take a different approach. Together we can bridge the gap between research and what is done in practice, with evidence-based treatments that work.

Professor Lorimer Moseley – Leading Pain Scientist

The Permission to Move “approach is informed at a deep level by modern pain science, behavioural change science, and self-efficacy theory”.

It “has pulled in an impressive array of experts, and in each case … taken the best of it and built a blended model of care that is both sensible and doable”.

Read the article by Prof Lorimer Moseley or if you are ready, make a start on your recovery.


Lorimer's review

Dave Moen - Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Dave Moen is a Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist, based in Australia.

After working with Professor Lorimer Moseley’s pain research group, Dave created Tame the Beast and then started Form Physiotherapy in 2015. Since then, his group have worked with leading pain scientists to deliver clinical trials and treatment resources using best-practice pain science.

Permission to Move's individual coaching and online program are an outcome of these years of research and investigation in chronic pain.


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