A clinical practice model based in pain science with a refreshingly simple approach to treating chronic pain. Permission to Move comes from founder of Tame the Beast - Dave Moen.

Permission to Move: Clinician training course ($395)

  • Learn to deliver an evidence-based, multi-session treatment program for chronic pain. Tested by Prof Lorimer Moseley's pain research group.

  • Suitable for private practices, hospitals, pain programs and individual clinicians to upgrade their existing model of care and integrate digital learning in their treatment approach.

  • Graduates can opt in to the PTM Affiliate Program, including use of our patient course for their clients at $75 per user (normally $195 per user).
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Permission to Move (Book)

Structured on a three-step process, Permission to Move bridges pain science with everyday practice in a complete guide.

For clinicians looking to integrate pain education into practice, the book offers a new hierarchy for communicating key concepts and defining your role in treatment.

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Permission to Move (Book)



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Affiliate program ($50/ month)

Our affiliate program offers a complete roadmap and all of the resources needed to integrate modern pain-science in your practice. Join a community of health professionals who are working together to improve outcomes for people with chronic pain!

Gain access to a set of tools including note templates, session plans, ongoing professional development, patient resources and online discussions.

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Dave Moen - Director & clinical lead

"My first extraordinary experience of pain didn’t strike me as interesting until years later.

I crushed the end of my finger at work - caught in the cooling tray of a coffee roaster - and because it happened at work I was asked to go to the Emergency Department to have it looked at. The hospital was very busy, and before taking a good look at my finger a doctor filled the contents of a memorably large needle into the back of my hand, causing a lump about the size of a quail egg."

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Take a look inside the book by reading Chapter One – Why Pain Matters or psychologist John Baranoff’s personal essay on pain.

Prof. Lorimer Moseley – Leading pain scientist

I recommend more patients to Dave’s clinic – the authors of this book – than I do to anyone else. This is because I think they are indeed filling an important, missing bit. I recommend this book to clinicians who want to instil confidence in their clients that it is indeed safe to move and that it is possible to retrain their system back to a normal life.

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