Tools and training to deliver best practice pain treatment.

Join a global community working to improve outcomes for people with chronic pain. From the co-founder of Tame the Beast.

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What you get

1. Multi-session treatment pathway for treating chronic pain based on our model that has been researched by Prof Lorimer Moseley and his team.

2. Professional development modules to develop the skills required to deliver sessions in the clinic.

3. Access Tokens to the Permission to Move patient course so that your patients can learn online between your appointments.

How It Works

Affiliate Program
  1. Sign up to the Affiliate Program ($80AUD/ month)

  2. Gain immediate access to the Clinician Training Course, including: easy-to-use online learning platform, video lessons, and note templates

  3. Use Access tokens ($75AUD/ user) to provide your patients with access to our 6-week online pain program.

Questions? Fill out the form and we will be in touch. 

Who is this for?

This training is for all Allied Health and Medical professionals, including professions who do not diagnose health conditions.

The list of professions we have currently worked with includes:

• Medical doctors 
• Physiotherapy/ Physical therapy 
• Occupational therapy 
• Exercise physiology/ Exercise science 
• Psychology
• Osteopathy
• Chiropractic  
• Massage therapy 
• Nutrition/ Dietetics

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“Improve outcomes for people with chronic pain”

So far we have aimed to achieve this by:

  1. Making Tame the Beast, a free resource for people with chronic pain. 

  2. Designing and independently verifying evidence-based treatment pathways.

  3. Up-skilling clinicians to achieve best-practice treatment through professional development training and the Permission to Move book.

  4. Providing an affordable digital treatment option for people with chronic pain who can not access health services.

  1. Ethical business. We believe that health care needs to come before health business. Our team employ formal processes around decision making that give us the best possible chance of making good decisions. We then test these with our peers, and look for ongoing feedback.

  2. Radical transparency. Sharing our community’s collective knowledge base to help improve outcomes of people with chronic pain.

  3. Efficiency. Working to make healthcare more affordable by maximising productivity and efficiency. In most cases, this means utilising digital solutions.

  4. Outcome focused. Leading with a health outcome instead of a business plan. Then using efficiency to make it work at scale. This is as true in our private practice Form Physiotherapy as it is at Permission to Move.

  5. Consumer lead. Gather, critically appraise and integrate feedback so that we can continually improve our products.

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